A Day In the Life

The subtle moments that make up
Your utterly unique day
Tell your story: unfiltered, real, raw
Have people get to know you
In an authentically beautiful way



Imagine a carefree, playful day where someone just happened to be following you with a camera and( without you knowing) capturing timeless and pertinent moments that make up the totality of you and your work? Do you hate posing, but know you need images for your business? Well, I have a solution for you. A Day In the Life is a relaxed, full, or half-day experience that captures you in your element, doing what you love. This a true story of what your business is like and we will showcase it in a beautiful and evocative way.


  • Have photos taken without realizing it is happening.
  • Have truly unique and expressive images that represent your business.
  • Tell the story of your work and what you do while drawing in potential clients.
  • Show that you love what you do.
  • Stand out from a sea of standard branding images.
  • Have fun during a photo session.


*Pricing: Starts at $895 for a half-day shoot.



"A Day in the Life with Britt gave me space to get comfortable with the camera and not feel like I was in a 'photo shoot'. Because there was no expectation of cheesy formal poses and stagnant settings, it was so much easier to loosen up and get the great shots that reflect who I am while I'm doing what I love." Mandy S.