Track the mystery
of youR ancient lineage
Discover deeper truths
To carry with you
And share for generations to come



Have you always been intrigued by your family’s lineage? This 100% custom photo session is for you. Together we will physically trace the spaces and places of where you came from while capturing beautiful and mysterious images along the way.


  • Visit locations, spaces, and places that have historical significance for your family.
  • Get photographs of yourself or loved ones in these profoundly resonant spaces.
  • Feel connected to your deep ancestral roots.
  • Learn more about yourself and where you came from.
  • Feel the history of your past while tracing actual footsteps your ancestors took.
  • Create your own beautiful memories while connecting to these important family places.
  • Have an incredible visual story to share with you family, generations to come.


*Pricing: due to the unique nature of these photo sessions, each package is completely customizable with options to travel anywhere in the world. Available in 1-5 day pilgrimages, $2K per day of shoot.




“When I'm feeling like there is just so much to do and I wonder how I am going to accomplish all of the things I want to accomplish with my business and my life I take a moment to scroll through the pictures Britt took of me where my soul was brought to this earth. I see myself emerging from the depths of the ocean and I remember where I am from. And all of the thoughts shift and I make strong movements one step at a time. The pictures are an integral part of my branding and they speak to so many aspects of what I do and what I am about and what I want to share with the world. Britt spent time listening to me and learning about the work I do and it shows in every single shot in my reel. Thanks for all the time and nurturing you put into my photos. I stand taller and shine brighter because because of your support.” Andrea W.