Every place holds a history
a story
a memory of ancient structures
shadowed ferns
glistening light
We dance upon this land
Weaving in + out of these spaces
Leaving traces along the way





We are constantly surrounded by, passing through, existing within all of these places, many of which we truly love. What is it about these spaces that make them unique, special, worth visiting or gathering in? With these comprehensive photo sessions, we are combining many aspects of photography that I love. We will capture the nature that surrounds, the microcosm of plantlife and animals within, buildings found on these lands, the humans that keep these places going, the views, the darkness and stars, the fabric of the towels in the bathroom, the scent of the fireplace, and any fleeting weather that passes through. We will create a story for visitors and employees alike that keep them intrigued and excited about the place, that keeps them coming back.


  • Create a stock of unique images for use in daily social media posts.
  • Capture the beauty of your location while driving in potential new visitors.
  • Showcase what is so amazing about your place.
  • Build a visual buzz on your website that makes people want to visit in person.


*Pricing: Starts at $895 for a half-day shoot.



Britt has taken some of the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen. She has mountains of experience shooting all types of situations/events. Her strong work ethic, dedication to excellence and the ease of her presence make for a successful shoot.” Elizabeth R.

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Somehow Britt's photos say more. They have a depth and tell a story. They have a message and sing a song.” Brad Y.

"Britt Nemeth captures beauty wherever she points her camera. Her nature photography is stunning, and her ability to weave together shape, texture, and light turns ordinary overlooked details into images that are extraordinary. She finds unique angles with her photographs of architectural subjects as well. But her ability to work with people is truly a gift. With her patience and quiet demeanor, Britt manages to bring out the best in her subjects, and the results are portraits natural, brimming with life. I recommend Britt enthusiastically." Barbara C.