They say eyes are the window to your soul
Let us take a look in + around
AND see what WE uncover
You may be surprised with what you find




Are you ready to recharge your visual brand while consciously creating and capturing the true essence of your work and life? Imagine captivating your ideal client in a matter of seconds and making them deeply desire your services before they even speak with you.


  • Attract in clients with transformational images that reflect your soul and business.

  • Learn exactly how to use your images on social media, website and on any other platform you operate showing up like a true boss.

  • Set your selling to autopilot and let images do the selling for you.

  • Never using a crappy stock photo again! Truly enticing and mesmerizing your audience with self branded images that create a connection of trust and lovability.

  • Rocking great outfits at your photoshoot which not only make you feel beautiful and confident but show your fun-loving adventurous side.

  • LOVING the photo session process from start to finish even if you “hate having your photo taken.”

  • Uncover your true essence that radiates throughout all your images.

  • Feeling totally proud to put yourself out into the world and showcase your business with confidence and clarity.

  • Uncovering and breaking free from blockages that have kept you playing small in your business.


*Pricing:  Depends on the length and complexity of the shoot.  We will discuss what’s best for you. $775-2500



Are you embarrassed by your headshots on FB, Linkedin, or on your business card? Do you wish you could get a new one but absolutely hate having your photo taken? Or you don’t photograph well? Don’t you worry.  I hear these kinds of comments multiple times a day as people prepare for their shoot.  On the other side, they say, “Oh my god, I love that photo of me. It really looks like me. Thank you.”

I work with creative individuals, groups, and companies to make sure you put your best face forward. In this playful yet professional photo session we will capture a modern headshot that you LOVE and are proud to share.


  • Connect with clients before they even meet you.

  • Make an incredible first impression.

  • Show that you are reliable, care about your work, and are professional.

  • Build trust-especially in service industries--it’s always nice to know who is showing up at your door.


*Pricing:  $295 for individuals.  For partners, groups, or companies, add $75 for each additional person (unless it’s a very large group, of course, and then we can talk).




“Britt has such talent as a photographer. Her easy going vibe makes you feel immediately comfortable and ready to try any of her ideas in a photo shoot. She captured the look and feel of just what I was hoping for, and I'm so pleased with the result. This experience was a lot of fun, and I'm excited to use my images in my personal branding and storytelling. You will love what she creates for you!” Lisa W.

“Britt and I were in the flow, together. The location was amazing, The weather incredible. Almost no words needed to be exchanged. Just movement and stillness. Thanks Britt. The space you created was EASE. The beauty of nature surrounded us. The process was unbelievably joyful. I love what we are co-creating. Making space for what I love, allowing the newness to unfold, and embracing the unknown.” Carrie S.

When you hire Britt with Britt Nemeth Photography, you don’t just get your picture taken, you get your story told. I had several fears going into a photo session - will I look fat, will I look like I’m faking it, will I just not like the photos of myself - but I knew it was imperative for my business because I am my brand; my customers want to know who I am and why I’m different at a glance. Photos were the next logical step for my business and marketing goals. I couldn’t be happier with the results I got from Britt. I am not good at living within parameters that other people create for me and I wanted a photo session that portrays my unique style of life and living. I also wanted an array of stock images to use on my website and in my print advertising efforts moving forward. I got everything I ever asked for from Britt! She made me feel comfortable throughout the entire session: she brought me a water bottle, we did a Tarot reading and connected with Spirit before getting started, and she guided me along the entire process. At no point did I really even feel like I was in a photo session because we just had so much fun just laughing and playing. The session I had with Britt was everything I dreamed it could be and more! Thank you! You come with great recommendations from me and my team. PS - Within two days of adding my new photos to my website, I closed the biggest contract I’ve ever had! Proof that images build trust and help to sell services!” Lexi S.

"I am so glad I went with a professional photographer and even more happy that it was Britt who I chose to take my profile photos. I don't feel comfortable in front of a camera, but Britt made the shoot fun and her photos were amazing. I wanted photos that I could use to help me brand my business and for profile pictures on my social media sites. I don't know how she did it, but the photos were perfect. Britt is the most talented photographer I know.” Otter A.

“Britt is an amazing photographer! She shows people at their best, even those who think they look bad in pictures! I trust her to do my family photography and I'm excited about getting my business head shots updated with her.”  Laura .A.